Childhood Obesity Advertisement Analysis

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The advertisement was created by the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, which is an organization focused on decreasing childhood obesity in America. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta strives for change in the early lives of children through public awareness, changes in policy, and through school programs. The advertisement was published to their website, but linked to for viewing on September 18th, 2013.
Focusing on the bad eating habits from infancy to adolescence for people who struggle with obesity created a broad audience ranging from those who are obese to the parents of the obese. The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta believes that obesity is started through the bad habits of eating that parent’s enforce
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Through the use of subtle advertisement of French fries from various fast food restaurants, unhealthy school lunches, and even at home meals that were unhealthy, the group establishes that the American diet is poor in nutrition. From this, the group shows one adolescents struggle from the present to infancy in eating habits that were initially caused by the parent in the situation. Overtime the consumption of these unhealthy foods caused the boy to become more and more overweight until he was finally obese. To show the gradual development of obesity, the ad viewed the boy from infancy starting to eat fries all the way through his high school career where he continued to make poor eating choices. The obesity got too severe to the point where the boy was shown inside of an operating room due to health complications, and he was in need of immediate surgery to solve the issue. This setting allowed for a powerful message to be conveyed by the group, this message being that parents need to encourage their kids to eat healthy from the start and children need to make a conscious effort towards being healthy. The ad also serves as a wakeup call for those struggling with obesity presently through the use of an intense scenario where their life could be in danger due to

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