Effects Of Obesity In Mexico

Did you know that 170,000 people die every year in mexico due to obesity. Obesity is responsible for the most deadly diseases in mexico. High obesity rates in mexico causes major health issues and death in children and adults, there for, the mexican government needs to enforce better education and implement better health progress.

Obesity rates threaten mexico 's population with the nonstop production of processed foods which is causing major health problems for their citizens. Over 35% of mexico 's population are obese. Obesity even affect children, stated by their secretary of health “mexico leads the world in childhood obesity: 35 percent of its adolescents are overweight or obese, rising to almost 39 percent in the capital, according
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Main factor to child obesity is soda. An average mexican citizens drinks 46 gallons per year. That more than what a average american drinks. Therefore, the problems caused by obesity are causing a public health crisis in mexico, with children growing and adults increasingly dying from heart disease and diabetes. Stated by 2006 survey “found 24% of mexicans women were obese and an additional 35% were overweight. 55% of men were either obese or overweight. 7 out of 10 were overweight with more than a third clinical obese”(overweight and obesity statistics). Mexico suffers from major health issue as seen with other countrie who are struggling with problems. Such as, death himself, diabetes, which is the largest single killer of seriously obese people. According to the world health organization”a high body mass index is a modifiable risk factor for developing non communicable disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even some type of cancer”(environmental,breast and colon). Sometimes even children may suffer from …show more content…
According to the uk budget “one of the main points from the recent uk budget, was the announcement of a tax on sugary soft drinks“(obesity rates in mexico). Although mexico help inspire other countries to use the sugar tax, they weren 't the first inforce it. Denmark instituted soft drinks tax in 1930 but was abolished, in effort to creating more jobs and helping improve local economy. As a result, critics complain that the tax was ineffective and was a waste of time, and some of them left to other countries, such as germany and sweden for cheaper prices, until 2014, when the soda tax was fully abolished. According to the organization for economic co-operation and development”france, finland and ireland, to name just a few have introduced legislation aimed at lowering consumption of foods high in fat or sugar”(obesity rates in mexico). But mexico was the first country to have succeeded in enforcing the soda tax in efforts to reduce high obesity rates. The impact of this soda tax in mexico inspired other countries to promote the soda tax themselfs, like, berkeley and philadelphia. Just like mexico, berkeley, california also had a major impact on the soda tax, researchers found that “the measure D soda tax was approved by 76% of berkeley voters on november 4, 2014, and took effect on january 1, 2015 as the first such tax in the united states”(sugary drinks tax). This tax effect beverages such as soda,

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