Military Expenditure Analysis

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Every military in the whole world has its expenses according to the task that they have to accomplish. The amount of the army costs depends on the size of the military and the objectives which they have set, including the goals and the time frame. The sensitivity of the task ahead of them also determines the size of the expenditures. In the countries where there is a lot of wars like in Nigeria, Afghanistan and among others, usually have huge expenses. The military of the United States of America may have huge expenditures because of the wide range of tasks they have set around the world. The upcoming issues of terrorism have also led to increased military spending.
This assignment aims at focusing on the expenditures of the three countries,
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Military is one of the most critical departments in state and international level. The military is subdivided into various armed forces that use weapons and other skilled techniques to safeguard the interest of the country, its citizens and greatly against war between and among other states (Aschauer 177). The armed forces for this case comprise of Navy, Army, Marine Corps Air Force, and Coast Guard. Due to this diversity and importance the department, therefore, it requires a high investment in expenditures. However, this is gauged by the power of the military in question. In the real scenario, the adequacy of the financial allocation depends on how well the country invests their funds and what it seeks to accomplish with the allocated …show more content…
They include areas such as training of the army, military needs funding, weapons operations cost and maintenance, payment of salaries, health care of the uniformed and civilian personnel. Other areas include maintenance of the arms, equipment and facilities, funds process and more importantly purchase on new material (Brzoska & Michael 45). The allocation finances for arms of the U.S. military: The Marine, Air Force, and Army. SIPRI found out that the U.S. military was the biggest exporter of primary arms accounting for 31% of the global suppliers. Similarly, the US Army since 2010-2014 dominated the highest delivery of weapons which on average went to 94 recipients. In the same period, United States was ranked as the eighth largest importer of military equipment. This is because in a way the United States military is organized, the duties and responsibilities which they have in the whole world. This is backed up by the fact that the United States of America is a Super Power country. The country which felt like the head of all the countries in the world.
American Army is one of the biggest branches of the U.S armed forces and executes land-based military activities. The defense force is well known for offering tight security within their internal security. This issue has been possible through adequate funding. Many funds have been imposed on the department to provide more skilled personnel. Annually the United

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