Effects Of Medication Administration On The Healthcare Community

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Medication administration errors transpire in the healthcare community excessively. According to the Food and Drug administration’s website, medication errors results in at least one death each day, and injure approximately 1.3 million people annually in the United States. As the healthcare field is advancing, so should the standards for medication administration. Research concluded interruptions during administration has played a role in facilitating medication errors. Evidence based practice geared towards reducing the incidences of medication administration errors found drug round tabards and do not interrupt during med pass signs and signals to be effective in reducing the number of incidences. The idea behind these alternative methods of administering is to decrease the interruptions to nurses during “med pass” thus, reducing the chances of medication errors.
Keywords: Medication, Administration, Errors, Interruptions Stop Medication Errors: The Effect of Interruptions
During Medication Administration

As a registered nurse, in almost every setting, the task of medication administration is assigned to you. Prescriptive authorities such as medical physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, podiatrists, physician assistants and advance practice nurses have the authority to prescribe medications to a patient. The medication plan or prescription is dispensed and prepared by a licensed pharmacist and then dispatched to be administered by a licensed nurse. This chain of…

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