Effects Of Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

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It is sad to see the past that our country has. Slavery was and will always be a horrific act. Linda Brent, the main character in ‘Incidents in The Life of a Slave Girl ', tells her story being a slave and a runaway. The book comes full with the feel of desperation from the slave community and the idea that she wanted mostly to transmit to the reader was to show how desperate they were and make consciousness of slavery and its effects. She suffered a lot, both being a slave and a runaway, but the main question is, was she suffered more from physical abuse or psychological abuse? I personally think that even though in those times slaves were used to be punished pretty bad, she was not that physically abused. She was more psychologically abused during her …show more content…
Someone could argue that she wasn’t mistreated in her childhood. By the way, she was never physically abused till her teenage years. The really first psychological abuse caused by slavery was later. She had no knowledge that she was a slave, and her youthful years were spent happily with her family. Linda mentions that never thought that she was a piece of merchandise because she lived as free as a white-born baby (pg. 8). The first psychological abuse she had was when he understood she was a slave. Society taught people that slavemnet was a normal thing to do. Taking somebodies rights will never be right and slaves even got removed the right to live. When you turn society into thinking that slavement is normal thing, you are mentally abusing people by messing with their mind. She was just six years old when her mother died and people around her were talking about her that she knew that she was a slave (pg. 9). At her new home, she was taught to read and write, but her loving mistress died about when Linda was twelve years of age (pg. 10). This meant a lot of change for her, the real slavement treatment was taking place now with the Flint

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