Effects Of Homeless People In Chicago

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During the frigid Chicago winter, there are many people who are living on the streets, wearing dirty clothes that are not nearly thick enough to keep the cold from biting their skin. The people who are in these tough situations, are from all walks of life and just need a hand getting back on their feet. Every town has different ways that they handle the homeless and some places put a lot of effort into getting these people off the streets, into jobs, and good living situations. Chicago has an outrageous amount of people on the streets and this will explain a bit more into what is being done to assist in getting these people off the streets. With the city of Chicago being one of the largest cities in the United States, there is a large population of people are homeless, and the city is doing a fair job giving resources and money to help the homeless community, …show more content…
In their article A Story the City Won 't Discuss: Homeless Population Explosion, Chuck Goudie and Barb Markoff give an in depth look at the city of Chicago, gives statics about the amount of people living on the streets, shows some of the financial efforts made by the city, and writes about some of the stories from people affected by homelessness. Within the city, there are several tent villages that thousands of people call home. They also touched on the fact that homelessness doesn 't always just affect adults and that there are “over 22,000 homeless students...2,500 of those students have no adult in their life and still get to school”(Goudie). Since this issue has arisen, the city has built some of the cities first youth shelters, as well as drop-in shelters. With the amount of homeless people that there are, the city has

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