Effects Of Eating Fast Food From Our Diet

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Eliminating fast food from your diet

There are many reasons we should eliminate fast food from our diet. Some of these reasons are the many diseases that come out of eating fast food on a day to day bases. Fast food causes a lot of problems threw out the Americas and today we will be talking about those issues. How and why we should eliminate fast food from our diets. So in the great words that everyone knows. Lets get started. The first thing we will be talking about is the various diseases fast food can lead to. The top 6 disease are arthritis, high blood pressure , various caners , obesity , diabetes , and heart disease. ( “eating fast food” )These are all life threatening by them selves but fast food can cause you to get multiples
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According to the American heart association the amount of fast food has 16 times the amount of sugar and regular human needs. ( “the effects that fast food has on the body”) This can lead to high blood pressure one of the top diseases that we were just talking about. Sugars are not the only thing that affects the digestive and cardiovascular systems. (“the effects fast food has on the body”) Extra fats also effect it. Extra fats in your diet is good but that’s only if it is natural fats any extra trans fats produced by fast food in your blood stream and diet can cause many of these top 6 diseases like heart disease and obesity. (“ the effects fast food has on the body”) Another thing that is plentiful in fast food is sodium. Or salt. Salt is very natural in the body it helps us sweat and keeps the skin oily but extra salt coming from outside sources that are not healthy can cause many things to happen. The average fast food diet has 2136 mg of sodium in it this can cause your body to retain more water and become bloated. This is one of the reasons for obesity. This can also lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which is one of the …show more content…
The disease we will mostly be talking about for this respiratory system is obesity. (“know your diet”) This is because trans fats make you gain weight faster then usual because it has no nutritional value in it sense it is not from a natural source.(“ know your diet”) This can result in shortness of breath and wheezing and sleep apnea, which is common in adults after there thirties. Sense kids are more vulnerable to gaining weight they can gain obesity problems very quickly. This can lead to asthma and rhinitis, which can quickly lead to colds and risk of young set diabetes.(“ know your diet”) Sense this next system still deals with the brain a blood work we will group them together this is the central nervous system. (“know your diet”) The biggest thing in this system is the brain and a study in the journal of the public health nutrition center says that kids that eat commercially shown baked goods and fast food can lead to early on set depression. It can also lead to problems with memory and the synapse of the molecules in your brain related to memory. It also affects kids problem solving skilled and other things to the brains emotional readers and thought. Skin and bones are affected heavily by this. According to the mayo clinic of health fast foods are high in carbohydrates which is the leading reason of high blood pressure and are blamed for

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