Essay about Effects Of Drugs Has On Kids

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The Effects Drugs has on Kids
This world is full of curious people. Many likes to try new things, whether it’s a sport or a new recipe. While going through school, we see numerously diversified groups. There will be the group with the smart kids, there will be the group with the popular kids, a group with the bad kids, etc. But a similarity that you might come to find in all of these is possible drug use. Drugs are used by many people at least once throughout their lifetime. In a society like this, we can say that drug use has become the norm. Alcohol and marijuana are two of the main drugs used by young adults all around. There are many reasons to why one might try a drug, and trying a drug can lead to worse things, such as drug abuse, which many are not aware of. Drug abuse can turn one’s life upside down, and can get one arrested.
Drug use slowly wears down the body. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug abuse (or drug addiction) is defined as “a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.” Tracy (2012) says that the psychological effects of drug abuse are wild mood swings, depression, anxiety, paranoia, violence, decrease in pleasure mental illness, hallucination confusion, etc. When a young teen is a young boy, he/she has no idea what is coming to them in the future. They would never think that they would do drugs. Some probably even disliked the fact that people did drugs, they…

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