Effects Of Divorce On The United States Essay

1020 Words May 1st, 2016 null Page
Divorce over the past few decades had become more prevalent than ever before. The number of divorce has steadily increased since the 5 percent divorce rate, shortly after the Civil War. In 1964, the rate increased to 36 percent (Furstengerg, 1994). This number continued to incline to recent decades, leaving the current divorce rates around 40-50 percent (American Psychological Association, 2016). Among these failed marriages, a large number will involve children. By the time children have reached the age of 18, about 40 percent of their parents will divorce, leaving only 47 percent of children reaching the age of 17 with intact families (Fagan & Churchill, 2012). Therefore, the US has greater than one million kids who will experience divorce of their parents (Amato, 2000). Furthermore, recent studies predict that 25 percent of children will spend time living in stepfamilies (King, Boyd & Thorsen, 2015). Since the number of divorces in the United States has grown to high levels, the effects of divorce on these children have been heavily studied during the past and current decades. The effects of parental divorce on a child have been the main focus of the research. Researchers found evidence to support that parental divorce negatively affects children in most cases (Fagan, & Churchill, 2012). Divorce may affect a child’s well-being, academic performance, and relationships with parents, behavior, and their conflict resolution skills. Divorce is a challenging obstacle…

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