Conventional Oil Effects

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In under one-hundred years, society is steering itself back towards another great depression era. The underlying cause is the end of conventional oil, which will detrimentally effect the world economy. Conventional oil is a category which encompasses raw petroleum, natural gas and its condensates. These oils and gasses all assume a noteworthy part in forming the present society, as oil and gas are utilized for all heavy machinery, cars, plastics, to generate power and other equipment. With a sudden depletion or deficiency of a necessity society will collapse. The sources of the unconventional oil are tight deposits, oil shales, oil sands, and coal liquefaction. At current oil extraction rates, the peak oil extraction rate will be reached. …show more content…
Alternative energy production is possible for electricity and power. Humanity has already created solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear and many others as a way of getting power. In addition, batteries can be used to store that power and energy for long period of time. Also the power and energy created from the aforementioned are all renewable resources. However, it cannot replace oil completely in the production of mechanical equipment and other areas. So the only feasible solution would be to create all the future machinery using batteries and make hybrids to use less oil. That way oil could be preserved for a longer period of time; until a long-term and possible solution is created. Furthermore, conventional oil causes a lot of pollution which will have long-term effects on Earth. Thus, an alternative would not only benefit society, it would help the environment. Investing in alternative energy would lead to innovation and profits if a solution is created. Already alcohol is an alternative for fossil fuel and it is created from feedstock’s, and requires the use of whole crops. However, it would require the already limited food supply to be used for oil. Coal could be gasified as an alternative as well, however it will have very high pollution emission. Converting foods into an alternative will decrease the amount of food available but will give people enough time to find a long-term solution. With the support of renewable resources a short-term solution is possible but a long-term one is not. Therefore, all people need to continue to work and find a solution as it continues to grow with more people being

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