Effects Of Caffeine On Human Body Essay

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There are various types of drugs that people are exposed to in the day to day life. The use of these drugs results to various actions happening to the human body. This paper thus gets into an in-depth analysis of the actions that the four major classifications of drugs, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens and narcotics, have on the human body when used. The paper will look at the effects that each type of drug has on the human body, the dependence of each drug and how the drug interacts with other drugs when consumed.
Stimulants refer to drugs that increase one’s brain activity when consumed. A good example is caffeine. Caffeine is said to be the stimulant that is most widely used globally. There are various effects that caffeine has on the human body. One is that caffeine consumption is said to raise one’s blood pressure. It can also increase the risk of young adults having heart attacks. Thirdly, as much as occasional consumption of caffeine may relieve headaches, a huge consumption of it may cause headaches and ultimately migraines. Fourth, a large and frequent consumption of caffeine may lead to miscarriages among pregnant women. Lastly, excessive consumption of caffeine may lead to early death.
Substance dependence can be described as the behavioral, cognitive as well as psychological indications of one’s continued use of a given substance despite experiencing problems related to that particular substance. The dependence on caffeine has been a topic of discussion…

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