Effects Of Attention Deficit Disorder On Children Essays

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There are several characteristics of ADD but here are the major indicators: difficulties with paying attention, easily distracted, hyperactivity, impulse control, behavior that demands attention, difficulties in school, and learning problems. It is hard to have a correct description of all the characteristics of students with ADD. The main characteristics of ADD is how bad the symptoms are in a students life or how they continually persist. (Wender 10-31).
Attention Deficit Disorder has not one real cause, and there a very few reasons are given. There does happen to be pattern in families seems to exist with ADD. There has been research done to show that approximately 20 - 30% of students with ADD have a parent or family member t with same attention issues. The research shows that a group of children with ADD may receive the type of gene that is related to ADD (Bigler and Nussbaum 20). Family inheritance cause of ADD is the accepted cause of ADD with doctors. . Many years ago it was believed that how we nurture the child would effect the problem. The debate over nurture versus nature issue is one the doctors have been arguing for many years. The argument is continuing to this day as to whether the student’s chemistry or the nurturing of children receives while growing up can cause ADD. Once there is a diagnosis of ADD, the next phase of treatment is research help in your area. A doctor usually directs the family to the proper resources in order to deal with the…

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