Effects Of Addiction On Drugs And Alcohol Addiction Essay

756 Words Oct 13th, 2016 4 Pages
The world is filled with an endless amount of objects. The variety of objects is enormous and guarantees that each individual will be able to find something they love. The problem occurs, however, when the love for such item is too strong and turns into an addiction. There are of course harmless addictions to harmless objects such as stuffed animals. Here in the United States, the largest problem with addiction does not involve teddy bears, but drugs and alcohol. The addiction has become such a large issue we have started a “War on Drugs” to solve it. I believe that this war has decreased the problem to an extent, but not sufficiently to be called a solution. If the problem was solved, we would not see people checking themselves into rehab facilities or being arrested for drug possession. Both of these actions, however, are still quite prevalent in our society; the addiction to alcohol and drugs is still a large social problem. In addition, there are also several social problems that are associated with drug and alcohol addiction. I do not believe that the “War on Drugs” has helped solve any of the problems, in fact, I believe it has made them worse. Crime is a social problem that is often associated with drugs and alcohol. If the war was being effective, we should see a decrease in the crime rate. The reality is the opposite as we now have one of the highest rates of drug-related convictions. Another social problem deals with health. Because the war has…

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