Effectiveness Of Different Makeups At Same Spf Level At Blocking Ultraviolet Light

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Title: The effectiveness of different makeups at same SPF level at blocking ultraviolet light in normal daily lives.
Group members participated in the experiment: Mathurra Siva, Julia Enriquez and Jindi Li
Background information:
Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic waves which travel at a same speed of 300000000 m per seconds through the space from the sun. UV light is crucial for the human’s body as it helps people to produce vitamin D. However, excess of UV light without protections can lead to sunburn, skin irritates and even skin cancer, melanoma. Human’s skin naturally blocks the UV light by producing melanin, a type of chemical and pigment, in the body when exposed to UV light. Melanin is produced by melanocytes which is located between the epidermis and dermis layer of human skin. When the melanocytes grow too rapidly, melanoma is likely to occur. The phenomenon of producing melanin can be discovered by the change of skin colour, in other words, suntan (Shadwich and Barlow 2003, P.123).
There are two different types of UV rays, one is sun’s short-wave, and another one is sun’s long-wave. The short-wave is called the ultraviolet B rays (UVB) which causes skin irritates such as sun burn. The long-wave is the UVA ray, this type of UV ray penetrates deeper into human’s skin and causes wrinkling, leathering and sagging (‘Sunscreens Explained’ 2015).
Sunscreens are to protect people’s skin from harmful UVB radiation in two ways depending on their active…

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