Essay about Effectiveness Of Assessment For A Primary School

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Education is the most important thing in our life. It is the secret of the success of the people. It means the process of gaining information, skills, knowledge, and etc. it usually divided into levels, such as, preschool, primary school and university. One of the main components of it is an assessment. It is the key to judge the quality of teaching and learning. The result from it must help us to make appropriate decisions to improve the teaching and learning process. This essay will discuss the effectiveness of assessment methods in primary schools in the U.K. through providing an overview of assessment, then compare some of assessment methods, after that it will consider the advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of assessment techniques, finally, it will describe how to assure quality in assessment and review a case study to evaluate the effectiveness of assessment in primary schools.

In this paragraph, we will define the term of assessment in the beginning, then we will look at some principle of it. After that we will talk about its purpose. To begin with, assessment is the process of collecting data about a situation, then analysed it, and the finding of it is reported to someone to deal with it (Johnson, 1986). Next, there are many principles for assessment and we will highlight on several principles. First, the purpose of it should not be complicated, valuable and in place of agreement of all stakeholders. Second, the process of collecting evidence must not be a…

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