Essay on Effectiveness Of A Child 's Development

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Responsiveness Versus Demandingness in Parenting There are many advantages and disadvantages to both demandingness and responsiveness. Demandingness provides discipline in a child, while also limiting understanding in some areas. Permissiveness can aid cognitive development, but can also cause a lack of direction in a child 's life. The ideal parenting style is a combination of both demandingness and responsiveness that is called the authoritative style of parenting. The authoritative style of parenting is the correct amount of demandingness and responsiveness. Although both demandingness and responsiveness are important in a child 's development, I believe that demandingness plays a more important role in the child 's development throughout his life span.
Authoritarian Style of Parenting Demandingness is the foundation of the authoritarian style of parenting. The authoritarian is defined as a parent that "uses expressive language, values obedience and traditional values, and relies on corporal punishment and a set standard of conduct to discipline the child" (Winsor, Murrell, & Magun-Jackson, 2014, pp. 9-10). The authoritarian favors giving an order to a child without justification. This is disadvantageous because it does not stimulate the child 's mind and it hinders cognitive development to an extent. Because the child is told what to do, he is not given the opportunity to think for himself. If he questions the authority, no justification is provided and therefore the…

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