Effect Of Climate Change On The United States Essay

1116 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
The national landscapes in the United States are some of the most abundant and well-managed regions in the world. They provide our country with ample resources and aesthetic, spiritual, and socio-cultural values. Unfortunately the effects of climate change are deteriorating our national forests. Drier summers and wetter winters are already affecting regions in the West, causing projections for forest fires to increase in severity, frequency, and scale. Forest fire management policies have changed throughout history, but recently policies have shifted away from suppression in order to allow for the natural environment to go through the stages of succession. With the changing climate and uncertainty of forest fires, policies need to develop new strategies in order to combat the balances of management and environmental protection. In 1910, three forest fires spreading across Montana, Idaho, and Washington burned three million acres in only two days (U.S. Forest Service Fire Suppression 2015). This event changed the course of U.S. history. Many people were concerned about the affects of the timber sale economy. In order for an event of this scale to not occur again policy shifted towards major fire suppression. The goals of this policy included preventing fires, suppressing them as fast as possible, and educating the public about why fire is bad for the environment. Although fire is not considered “bad” many foresters at this time did not know the benefits of fire and…

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