EED 465 Interview And Investigate Standards Essay

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Supreme Green
EED-465 Curriculum,Methods, and Assessment :Social Studies
January 7.2015
Florence Elliot Interview and Standards Investigation Social Studies is a very complex subject for educators to teach and for the students to be interested in learning, this is because it includes so many different disciplines. Not to mention, society is rapidly changing socially and technologically which affects what social studies content is being taught to our students( Passe,J 2002). In past years students were forced to learn at a relatively low cognitive levels, it lack the full meaning social studies that could be transferred into real life situations. It is because of this
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Osborne saw that Social Studies education was gradually disappearing from the school curricula. With the help of other education relate personnel and Mr. Osborne the school have integrate a plan to reach every student at their current level to increase their knowledge and appreciation for Social Studies. Mr. Osborne does not use a standard textbook, because he says the language in those textbooks are too difficult for the students to grasp the concepts. He using a magazine, that was specifically designed for students. The name of this is USA Studies Weekly. These weekly lesson are written in a kid-friendly language. This helps the students to understand the different events, engage them in meaningful activities and connect the learning to real-life context. At the end of the four weekly lesson the students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the materials by doing skits,role play, poetry or create a 3-D presentation of the most important facts in that unit(McCall,A,2004). According to Prokes(2009) , activities like these are more engaging and meaningful to students learning process, instead of the basic reading and answer questions. This gives the student the ability to practice literacy and public speaking. In which these are crucially relevant to the schools because it allow the students to make connection to the social world in school and life beyond. The continuous debate of social studies instruction and teachers

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