Edward Snowden And The Nsa ( National Security Administration )

1034 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
In May 2013, Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the NSA (National Security Administration), leaked to the media extensive information about a global surveillance program, called PRISM. This program collected communicate data on US citizens and foreign leaders from majority internet companies. Mr. Snowden, who had been granted residency in Russia, faced charge with espionage over his actions. This incident had generated heated discussion. Some people thought he was a hero. He showed great courage to stand against most powerful mechanism of oppression to struggle for the principles he believed in. On the other hand, some people thought he was a traitor. His behavior endangered American national security. In my opinion, Edward Snowden is definitely a hero, his behavior is morally right, because he had a responsibility to notify public the truth.
This case related two ethically theories: whistleblowing and dirty hand. Whistleblowing is “Making public matters that organizations have ignored or wish to keep hidden but which constitute a significant moral wrong”.(whistleblowing 11) In this case, the surveillance program gathered information directly from majority internet companies’ central servers. Which means our e-mail, personal chat were totally available by NSA. This program breached privacy right of millions of people. It could be considered a significant moral wrong. And this program was unknown by authorization of US legislative bodies and the public. Snowden exposed…

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