The Dangers Of Chris Mccndless And Edward Snowden

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Every Heart Vibrates to that Iron String

Society has created implicit standards and rules for communities to live by, some unfair and unjust. There are individuals amongst the communities that disagree with these unfair standards, and choose to rebel against society. While doing so, some view these individuals as remarkable men while others view them as imbeciles. These individuals are Chris McCandless and Edward Snowden. Both of these men are known for their reputation of being rebellious in society and choosing to live lives of isolation. While these men have this in common, they both have very different childhood backgrounds and upbringings. Both Chris McCandless and Edward Snowden were social rebels who did what they felt was right,
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Throughout his childhood, Chris never fitted in with society. Chris enjoyed the outdoors more than anything, and eventually left for isolationism into the woods. As stated in “Into the Wild”, Chris left home after his graduation from college to embark on his ultimate journey into the Alaskan wild (22). Chris left home due to his overbearing inclination for the wilderness. Along with this inclination, Chris did not enjoy forming emotional bonds with others. This contributed give Chris the title of being a social rebel, also due to his preference of isolationism rather than human-to-human contact. These reasons are what ultimately led to his choice of living deliberately in the wild. On the other hand, from getting into federal trouble, Edward decided to flee the states to avoid punishment. By revealing national security secrets, Edward broke the law. He chose to flee to China to avoid being extradited, and then went to Russia where he’d also be free from being extradited. Till this day, Edward remains safe from punishment in Russia (“Edward Snowden” 2). If Edward were to return to America, he could face up to 30 years in prison or possible death. With this in mind, Edward remains in Russia away from his family, friends, and his real home. He now takes on a life of isolationism, as he’s seen as a social rebel to the eyes of America, and even a traitor to …show more content…
Growing up, Chris and Edward lived very different lives. Chris enjoyed the beauty of nature while Edward found fascination in technology. However, the motives of these two men were very much alike, and it was these motives that ultimately classified them to be social rebels. Society has an odd way of deciding what’s moral, justly, and fair. Going against the grain of society, as seen, leads to the unfavorable opinion from the masses. However, staying true and trusting oneself is important to eternal happiness. Every heart vibrates to that iron

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