Educational Preparation Essay

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Educational Preparation
For one to understand the difference between Associate degree Nursing and Bachelors degree in nursing it is important to define the two. Barchelors degree is a four year degree program that includes practical and theoretical aspect of nursing but more in dept of physical, social sciences, nursing research, humanities, nursing management and community health. It prepares the nurse for a better understanding of the cultural and social issues that affects the patient and the family and influences healthcare as a whole, while associate degree is usually a three year program that lays more emphases on the clinical aspect of nursing than the theoretical aspect. Both graduates are eligible to sit for the NCLEX examination
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Bachelors degree educational forum better prepares nurses to communicate on a higher level with the physicians, patients and families or care takers which contribute to a better patient’s outcome. (Grand Canyon University Nursing curriculum model)
The structural support of non-nursing staff is seen more for the bachelors degree nurses than the associate degree holders, an example is nurse specialists support the clinical judgment of bachelors and more nursing directors and administrators are making it more conducive to hire more bachelors degree nurses .institutions that usually hire more bachelors degree holders have a better work environment and better patient outcome has a coloration with a better work environment and also they are educated to direct care evaluating patient centered care that focusing on the person as a whole, While associate degree nursing programs are not in-dept and focuses on the clinical aspect of nursing.
Bachelors degree nurses are more empowered professionally than associate degree holders. During interdisciplinary team conferences bachelors degree nurses are required as part of the team with other members that has masters degree or even higher. Other disciplines on the team for example social workers and speech therapists

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