Educational Disparities Minorities Face Through Community Involvement

1450 Words Dec 8th, 2016 6 Pages
The United States is well-known for the core principles it so proudly holds: a country of equality and prosperity. The reality is that not all citizens of the United States are treated with equality, the rich mainly prosper, and not everyone has the equal opportunity to succeed, especially minorities. As the United States continues to grow, so does the minority population. It is of vital importance that minorities are successful and attain higher-level education as they are ones who will be leading America in the years to come. However, studies show minorities are less likely to attain college degrees because they are more prone to educational disparities and are often victims of external forces that cannot be ignored. In order to alleviate these health disparities minorities face, measures must be taken to ensure students are receiving a quality education. The two measures that will be proposed will be to combat the educational disparities minorities face through community involvement because having the community involved can result in sharing and maximizing resources and improving student success rates. Next, will be introducing a series of programs to expose students to more educational opportunities and a program in which high school alumni will serve as a support and guide network for high school students with the transition of high school into college. A student’s socioeconomic background they are born into affects his or her educational success and…

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