Educational Attainment And Education Attainment Essay

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The next section concentrates on the relationship between [past levels of educational attainment and different levels of development for countries] and the educational attainment in the present. This will help to give insights about the fluctuations of income inequality. Evolution of Educational Attainment
The following regression will assist to look at past levels of educational attainment and since Table 1 already indicated the existence of regional differences in educational attainment, regional dummies will be used for this regression as well:
E_(j,t)=b_(0,t)+b_1 E_(j,t-1)+b_2 σ_(j,t-1)^E+b_3 〖log⁡y〗_(j,t-1)+b_4 [〖log⁡y〗_(j,t-1) ]^2+b_D D_j+v_(j,t) (2)
“The regression includes one-period-lagged values of educational inequality and income per capita and the lagged dependent variable as explanatory variables. We also include income per capita squared as a regressor.” (SUR-technique) The data gathered contains information of about 90 countries on income and education in the time-span from 1965 to 1990 in five-year intervals.
Regression 3.1 does not include the lagged dependent variable, and are shown in table 3. The results indicate that African countries have by far the lowest level of education. Regardless of monitoring for its low income, Africa still suffers from the lowest level of education with about 2.3 year of schooling. Latin America has the second highest level of education with around 0.79 years of schooling. Finally, Asia flourishes with the highest…

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