Tenure In Education

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Tenure in the classroom “study after study has shown a yawning educational achievement gap between the poorest and wealthiest children in America” (Cohen, 2015). It becomes extremely difficult to fire that teacher who is guaranteed a job with three to seven years of experience. Parents seem to be dissatisfied with the current situation on the concept of whether or not teacher should be tenured in American schools. Reaching for a higher education is vanishing for students who know that they are in a chaotic environment, so many students are a victim of the system. Similarly, the achievement gap in education creates an imbalance among a variety of students in their academic performance. This mainly targets Africans Americans and Hispanic
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First, many teachers acknowledge that schools are not preparing students for various requirements to aim higher after graduation. Moreover, public school systems shows 91 percent claims: “Resources to help the diverse learner defines as students with low-income status, limited fluency in English, or learning disabilities become college- and career-ready should be a priority in education” (Rebora.) First, Rebora point of view on the survey establishes that students are incapable of learning by their school due to low expectation. Secondly, student with lack of resources are having trouble in learning. According to MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Preparing Students for Colleges and Careers, 63 percent have better tools for understanding students learning strengths and needs for a major impact on students capability to learn needs. Public school across the country face budget cuts and are unable to fund students with necessary …show more content…
While this a valid point, even if the teacher believes that having computers, tablets or even using cell phones, certainly there are parents who refute on the used of technology in a learning environment because this can cause a huge distraction. For example: it would be hard for a student to listen to a teacher when they have tablet right in front of them that can provide them with more entrainment that a teacher could. Although, students have seen changes in their school systems, teachers are still having trouble to grasping the students’ attention. However, teacher tenure is a law that states that a teachers cannot be fired unless they commit an extreme offense. Teacher tenure has it pros and cons. One pro of teacher tenure is that if a teacher fails to meet the criteria teachers are replaced for a better position. On the other hand, if you are a good teacher who meets these standards you won 't be granted the position if someone in tenure holds it. Another downside that teacher who has tenure they are not eligible to receive a raise. Teachers are responsible for all students who are sitting down in a classroom, no matter what obstacle thrown at

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