Education in a Pastoral Role. Essay

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President Thabo Mbeki
President of South Africa
16 October 2000

Dear Mr President

This report is the third of my quarterly reports to you. The main purpose of these reports is to brief you on progress in relation to specific strategic objectives that we have set ourselves in taking the project of education transformation further. Even though each of these reports has a specific objective and focus, there is an intended element of continuity between the reports as we seek to assess whether or not we are achieving the intended cumulative gains in turning around the crisis in education that I expounded upon in my Call to Action released on 27 July 1999. The content of this report therefore seeks to review the state of
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In presenting this report, I am conscious of another important purpose of these quarterly reports. The follow-up strategies to be constructed on the strength of the analyses presented will assist in achieving common purpose across the system about the most important tasks for the next quarter. In this way we are able to focus our collective efforts and establish a basis for improved accountability.

This report is presented in two parts. The first part contains an analysis of key themes that emerge from the information obtained during the visits to Provinces. Each of these themes organises the analysis, while at the same time, serving to delineate priority areas for follow-up in the next quarter. The second part of the report presents, in collated form, information obtained on progress with the implementation of specific Tirisano objectives. Yours sincerely

Prof. Kader Asmal
Minister of Education



There is clear evidence of emerging good practice

I am very reassured that all Provinces have made progress in implementing strategies aimed at addressing some of the most intractable problems in the system. My officials were able to observe at first-hand some of the very innovative and promising strategies that are being implemented in the provinces. There are also activities in provinces that are aimed at addressing the very basic problems

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