Education Reform Is The Goal Of Changing Public Education Essay

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Education reform is a constant, on-going process, and is always changing. Education reform is the goal of changing public education. Not all reform in this country is good, but it has to take place. Our society is constantly changing, so therefore that means our school system needs to be changing too, to an extent. The goal of reformers is to improve education on a large scale. That doesn’t always take place. Lately, the reforms to the education system have made it harder for teachers to teach their students. In today’s society, teachers have so much stress placed on their student’s test scores that it makes it hard for them to actually teach. We need to find a way to hold both students and teachers accountable without over doing it. Educational reform policies have been around forever. Policies have been around ever since schools have been around. Educational reform goes as far back as Colonial times. Back then education was pretty much training for the work force. School prepared you for a job you were going to have. Almost no one went to school after the eighth grade. Schools were very informal. All schools really did was teach students how to do a task or the proper training they were going to need. Over the year’s things gradually got better. They changed the purpose of school and its curriculum. They started allowing women and African Americans into schools. Around this time Brown vs. Board took place. In 1954 it required public schools to educate all children,…

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