Essay about Education Of The United States

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Education in the United States went through great reform in the late 1800s to 1900s. Change didn’t come about easy and educational equality is still a popular debate today. Although educational change was talked about and seemingly in progress, equality still had a long way to go. Differences in racial and social classes became prevalent especially through schooling. Black Americans were limited and restrained with obstacles such as what schools they were allowed to attend, what classes they were to take, and by what the teachers were taught to educate on. Prior to educational reform, slave owners view keeping the enslaved ignorant in order to protect their own futures. In the early 1800s most southern states even had laws in place criminalizing teaching enslaved children to read and write. Even after enslaved Americans were emancipated in 1863, they were still socially and economically held down. By both southern law and social customs, black Americans were still stuck in agriculture which was still heavily controlled. Along with this southern black Americans were still denied rights to citizenship, the right to vote, and the freedom to chose their field of work. Educational reform didn’t include the black Americans because of these social burdens even though the system was becoming more advanced. Slaves wanted the chance to learn. Upon freedom, ex-slaves rushed to become educated. Planters in the south fought against the state governments intervention in the public…

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