Education Is The Cost Of College Essay

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Education plays a big role in our society today. Most jobs that you apply for will want some kind of educational background. The problem is that not everyone can afford to go to college. College isn’t the cheapest form of education and it doesn’t seem to be getting cheaper. In order for more people to attend college and better their education the cost needs to be reduced. With the cost being reduced we will see an increase in students attending college and colleges will make just as much income if not even more than they were previously making when the cost to attend was outrageously expensive. We can reduce the cost of college by making classes cheaper and books cheaper. With this being done more classrooms will be filled and the amount of students attending college will increase rapidly.
Education is by far one of the most important aspects in life. Although school is helpful in life not everybody continues to go to school after graduating high school. This has been an ongoing dilemma for quite some time. The reason that many people don’t pursue an education after high school is because college is simply too much money. In order for somebody to go to a community college it would cost them an estimated $3500 for 2 years. To attend a 4 year university an estimated $30,000 is needed. All of these numbers aren’t small and students that happen to attend college that could barely afford to go in the first place will most likely apply for student loans.
Education is very helpful…

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