Essay about Education Is The Backbone Of This Great American Country

1343 Words Apr 21st, 2016 null Page
Education, a universal tool vital for any country to advance and be prosperous. The growth and development of a person, or even a nation requires a small amount of knowledge. Almost everyone knows who is referenced when talking about Albert Einstein or Benjamin Carson. Both these amazing men made great advancements in history through their use of knowledge. Education is the backbone of this great American country. It is the reason behind countless discoveries. Without knowledge and education we would not be where we are today, one of the leading nations in technology. We would not be a first world country and we would not have everything that we do if it were not for the education of those who came before us. To be educated we need teacher, mentors, and authority to push us to be successful and reach our full. At one point the United States was the leader in education in comparison to other countries, however that is not the case now.
In previous years, America started to decline in the educational rankings compared to other countries. Because of this; parents, school board and the community want to see improvement in the educational system. Looking for a quick fix instead of a long term solution a unanimous decision was made to hold teachers accountable for students’ grades, to change the curriculum and to implement more standardized tests. However, the issue lies deeper than surface levels. Teachers should not bare the weight of their students’ grades, the curriculum…

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