Essay on Education Is Not For Higher Levels Of Education

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Education has been around since the beginning of civilization, however education was not created from the mind of man: it was embedded inside each and every one of us from the moment of birth. Humans naturally find themselves wanting to learn and wanting to teach others. Simply observe kids with their parents: the child is eager to learn how to be like the parents and the parents are more than happy to teach the kid. Go to a playground and witness one kid teach another how to climb on the monkey bars or how not to climb on the monkey bars. The curiosity to learn and the enthusiasm to teach will never fall from humanity; we will always naturally be curious and ready to share. Learning was born with humanity and has grown with humanity. Our desire for higher levels of education has increased dramatically from just forty years ago yet the purpose behind our education has remained the same. The purpose of education is, and always has been, to create disciplined citizens who are equipped with enough knowledge to contribute to society and to pursue their own passion. A society that educates its citizens wishes to progress and develop. As we move forward we must also develop our education system.

Citizens attend school for at least thirteen years of their lives. We begin as soon as we have a basic understanding of rules and respecting adults, and by the end of our time in school we have a full understanding of society 's rules and hierarchy. If we are fortunate, we will also…

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