Education Is Essential For Modern Day Society Essay example

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Education is essential in modern day society in view of the fact it gives an individual enlightenment and knowledge. It helps people find truth of their general surroundings alongside with the concepts of morality. In “Learning To Read” by Malcolm X, he discusses a narrative of his path to self-education through the remembrance of moments in his life while being incarcerated. His motivation arises from wanting to interact with Mr. Elijah Muhammad; the leader of Islam. Through self- education, he discovers the tensions in race relations and the unfair treatments that African Americans endure in the hands of the mainstream American society. In the end, X clarifies that reading foster success. Additionally, educations enables him to be voice for the people of his race. Likewise, in “In I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose, Rose is a teen in the public school system who is mistakenly placed in what is called “vocational education”; which is known as the lower level education group. Rose describes specific events that occur while in vocational education and the different types of people he meets. Of course, teachers have a great impact on how students use knowledge to broaden their views of society. Indeed, the American public school system often neglects students of color by not providing them with adequate resources to develop and demonstrate their full potential.
In a 1965 speech, Malcolm X states, “You can’t hate Africa and not hate yourself.” Malcolm X is examining the…

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