Education Is A Important Part Of Everyone 's Life Essay

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Education is a very important part of everybody’s life. Whether a person is an adult or a child people still learn new things each and every day. Every generation is filled with new children who are more impressionable and tend to learn quicker than adults. Most of our lives are spent in schools, colleges, or universities trying to get a degree that will work in our chosen profession. Even as people continue to work in their chosen field, they continue to learn different things. The articles “Equalizing Opportunity: Dramatic Difference in Children’s Home Life and Health Mean That Schools Can’t Do It Alone” by Richard Rothstein and “The Power of Talking To Your Baby” by Tina Rosenberg helps demonstrate how important education is for children. However, unequal access to education is based strongly on the negative impact on children 's ability to learn according to the family 's income, how the child’s home life can affect a poor child leading to rich children getting a better education. Unequal access to education can negatively impact children according to their family income. The article, “The Power of Talking to Your Baby” by Tina Rosenberg helps readers to understand how a family income can affect a child’s income. According to Rosenberg, “. . . families on welfare heard about 600 words per hour. The working class heard 1200. . professional families heard 2100. . .”(290). A child that is from a poor family hears one thousand five hundred more words less than a child from…

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