Education Inequality : America 's Urban Educational System Essay example

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Education Inequality “dirty terrorist, nigger” A single raindrop falls from a sneering cloud. The cold droplet sizzles quickly on the skin, leaving a tiny barely noticeable mark that “disorients” its victim. Falling raindrops steadily progress into a caustic storm that thoroughly soaks the “deepest part” (128), causing Zinedine Zidane to react in the last two minutes of the World Cup. While de jure racial segregation might have ended 61 years ago, when the United States Supreme Court made its ruling on Brown V. Board of Education, racial segregation and inequality continues to silently live on in America’s Urban Educational system. According to the Department of Education, de facto racial segregation is a linking cause of the Black-White achievement gap. Segregation and the continued existence of separate and not equal educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth has led to the continued decline of career opportunities for African-Americans paving a path to poverty and crime. According to the Census Bureau African-American students are 15% more likely to not have a college educated parent. The U.S Department of Education reports, Black Students are significantly more likely to be retained a grade during their primary and secondary education. Furthermore, Black Students score lower on Standardized tests such as the SAT. The trend continues in the criminal “justice” system where male African American Juveniles number 4 times more than their white counterparts…

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