Education Has No Correlation With Education Essay

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Education highly impacts health in the contemporary U.S. There are many opinions on this matter, such as the opposing view that health has no correlation with education because someone 's well being should not affect the way they are taught. According to the Ross Mirowsky analysis he argued that “the more years of schooling, the better ones health, by almost every measure”. Things like better physical health and living situations, better access to medicine and medical help, along with the access of going to see a doctor sooner rather than later. Education also provides people with the knowledge of how important preventive care is. Someone with higher and more valued education overall has less stress, and stress can lead to a lot of problems like mental health and physical health. The film “The Waiting Room” was very helpful in providing evidence towards the question being asked. The biggest issue was social class: the division of society based on social and economic status. The man with a testicular tumor had many tests done in a prior hospital before coming into the emergency room, once they found out he did not have insurance regardless of his medical emergency and need to find out if he had cancer the hospital turned him down and referred him to the ER in the video. This was a very inhumane thing to do. This man lived a paycheck-to paycheck live and could not afford healthcare. He had a low standing in society and in his economic status. If he would of had a higher…

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