Education Has A Large Impact On Our Society Essay example

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There is no doubt that education has a large impact on our society nowadays. It changed hugely and improved greatly from the past. Education is really important nowadays as it plays a significant role in the creation of a progressive society, due to which most of the people and many other philosophers have realized its importance. The overall development of a society requires a good educational system, which could lead to technological advancements and many scientific discoveries. According to Behrman and Stacey they mentioned that "Education provides "social benefits" for individuals and society at large, including a better way of taking care of ourselves, and consequently creating a better society to live in". Which means that human values, such as liberty, justice, equality and fearlessness demand a stronger educational system. Education is the best to transforms an individual for living a better life, which also leads to a social wellbeing. It offers a great amount of knowledge in every aspect of life. Education is important also for the success of an individual in terms of personal growth. That will lead the individual to follow the dreams, and pursue a high professional degree that will allow the person to be a very important part in many organizations and specifically in his society.

Education is also vital in determining the good and bad of any individual. A well-educated person is not only a good citizen but also a more reliable worker. A person is incomplete…

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