Education And Society By Fredrick Douglas Essay

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Education and society
Why we should learn to read write, and become educated within our society. “Without education, many of our ideas and opinions can be stereotyped or prejudiced, bearing no relationship to the truth” (ch.5, p.254).
Learning to Read and Write This reading by Fredrick Douglas on his experience to read and write shows great commitment by an African American during a time of slavery. Douglas was a slave that whose duties were to work and obey, not read and write. But, he felt a strong urge to be educated thus leading him on a search to find white people -mainly male children- to help him read and write. Douglas writes “I would bestow upon hungry little urchins, who, in return, would give me that more valuable bread of knowledge” (pp.259-260). “I would tell him [boys] I could write as well as he” (Douglas, p.260). At this point, the boy(s) would except the challenge of Douglas and tell him to try, Douglas would write the letters he knew. He would commence by challenging the boy to “Beat that” (Douglas, p.260). This is how Douglas would for lack of better word trick white boys to teach him how to write. This is the only way Douglas was able to learn to write, he was taking a great risk learning how to read and write. Slaves were supposed to be uneducated I assume it was so they felt they had no other out other than working for their owners. Douglas is a straightforward writer that explains his fears and trial to learn how to read and write. He points…

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