Education And Campus Involvement At California State University

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Greatness is perhaps the most imperative element sought by college students. As education develops into a greater asset in a cultivating society, uncertainty grows alongside competition. These subsequently necessitate supplementary leaders and teachers to reinforce the academic and professional platform. Scholars who are able to attain such esteemed altitudes of intelligence and influence have certainly attained one of the many levels of greatness. The resources required to become similarly inspiring, however, diminish with the continuous augmentation of demand and scarcity. Nevertheless, my devotion and enthusiasm to positively impact the lives of individuals transforms into a passion amidst the increasing challenges. After many years of education and campus involvement, I have realized my purpose as a student and a member of society to promote health and wellbeing among individuals, principally with nutrition. As an indispensable factor in improving wellness and prolonging lives, well-balanced nourishment will allow society to prosper with flourishing, healthy individuals leading to a successful future.
In light of my ambition, my academic goal is to be a continuous full-time student at California State University, Los Angeles and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science. I hope to pass the national examination to become a Registered Dietician, work as a nutritionist and subsequently earn a Master’s degree to further supplement my knowledge in the field.…

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