Essay on Educating Rita

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New stages of experience often bring about growth and change in one’s life. As one experiences new phases in their life, change is an implicit part of moving ‘into the world’. This is clearly demonstrated in the play Educating Rita, by Willy Russell, where Rita’s growth and change comes about with her education and experiences in her social, working-class life. The Devil Wears Prada, directed by David Frankes and an interview titled 2 of us, John van Tigglemen, also demonstrate how new stages of experience can bring about growth and change in one’s life leading to a transition into a new world.

Growth and change often comes about when new stages of experience allow a transition ‘into the world’. This is illustrated in Educating Rita
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We continue to see Rita burst through the door in Act One and wandering around the room showing her enthusiasm and curiosity towards education. ‘Don’t you ever just walk into a room and sit down?’ However, this enthusiasm gradually decreases as Rita becomes more educated and a role reversal between Frank and Rita is seen. It is Rita who ends up waiting for Frank in his office, Rita who begins to use less and less colloquial or ‘pop-culture’ terms, with Frank using these terms more and more. Rita, also, almost avoids any type of educational conversation with Frank on her first few tutorials, quickly interrupting or changing the subject to a more personal level ‘[Frank]The thing about Howard’s End…[Rita]why did y’ split up?’ We see this change dramatically in Act Two where Rita discusses more literature with Frank than her personal life which Frank does not like, ‘It struck me that there was a time when you told me everything.’

Before Rita goes to summer school, we find her still struggling with her confidence and transition into the world of education. It is demonstrated in her essays, especially of Peer Gynt, where she believes one simple sentence, ‘Do it on the radio’, can answer the given question. The gap between Rita and Frank also demonstrates the amount of growth and change required for her transition into the world. Russell uses humour to demonstrate

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