Educating Readers About Sexual Offenders Essay

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It is the purpose of this paper to educate readers about Sexual Offenders. The paper will provide an overview of: the definition, two types of assessment, special offenders, and registration and residency laws. This paper was created through the adaptation of different psychological journals and original works. “A sex offender is a person who has committed a sex offense, legally defined. Sex offending is a broader term, referring to a general “psycholegal” domain” (Richard I. Lanyon, 2001, pg. 254). Legally different jurisdictions define sexual assault in various ways, and these definitions usually involve issues such as consent, ages of the parties and age differences when dealing with minors, marital or co-habiting relationships and a degree of force of pressure with acquaintances” (Robert Geffner, Kristina Crumpton Franey, Robert Falconer, 2003, pg. 3).
Many individuals may have the “view” that all sex offenders are either “fixated” or “regressed.” We have come to find out that this is not necessarily true. There are different variations within typologies (Geffner et al., 2003). For example, dealing with a serial rapist and dealing with a single incident incest offender are two very different situations (Geffner et al., 2003). “Some professionals believe that diagnoses many not even been appropriate when dealing with sex offenders. When discussing sexual deviations from a mental health/mental illness perspective, various distinctions are made” (Geffner et al.,…

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