Edie 's Character Analysis ' How I Met My Husband ' Essay

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Edie’s Character Analysis in How I Met My Husband How I Met My Husband is a short story written by Alice Munro. The protagonist, Edie is seen to be from a humble background and works at Mrs. Peebles house. Mrs. Peebles’ house or rather home is well-established as there is a profoundly stable economic and financial background. Edie continues to tell her story as a romantic teenager but as a middle-aged woman by the name Mrs. Carmichael. A story of Edie’s teenage life is showcased but as a grown woman, it is evidenced that she judges her behavior while in the youth. She so does by instilling some maturity scope in guiding what she did in her teenage years. A theme of living an especially pleasant lifestyle is evident in this context. This paper analyzes Edie’s character through the narrative How I Met My Husband. Edie is adventurous. Life offers many choices especially to people in their youth. While doing her usual chores at Peeble’s house, Edie hears a plane land but thinks it might have crashed. Edie leads here self out of the house to witness the scenario and finds the case is different. It was no airplane crash, but it has a plane that has been landed by a pilot called Chris. Chris had come to visit the Peeble’s. During this visit, Edie meets Chris. Edie is excited about meeting Chris. Edie allows herself into the world of adventure where she falls in love with Chris. It is an exciting affair to Edie, but she is not aware whether Chris has another lady to whom he is…

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