How I Met Your Mother Analysis

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How I Met Your Mother debuted on national television September 19, 2005 on CBS. It revolved around the lives of five companions, three of them were men, two were women. Their names are Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and Barney. They resided in the New York, New York. How I Met Your Mother proved that we can all find joy in life through the people we love. Whether they are our friends or family, our loved ones produce a life worth living. The show is labeled as a sitcom, additionally it’s level of comedy forces me to believe that the target audience is young adults. However, when I first encountered this show I immediately was hooked, for all nine seasons. How I Met Your Mother exhibits that friends are the best thing life has to offer to us. It …show more content…
Every episode produces a conflict that one or possibly all the characters have to face. It is presented to us through the result of the conflict. Even if the result of the conflict is not ideal for the characters, each of them are there to support them for the long haul. The program successfully connects with the audience, that is proven by the fact that the series ran for nine seasons with great success. As a committed fan and a former reliable viewer of the show I can claim that is connect with me. It taught me multiple life lessons along with adding tons of the laughs. One who doesn’t believe that they need friends would state that they have themselves, and “they don’t need nobody else”. We all know a person who has said that very quote word for word before. That quote is where the definition of selfish stems from. Without friends, where would one be in life? I can tell you where I would be jobless, lonely and unconcerned. After treacherous months of job searching, I finally found a job, with the help of a friend. I would have nobody to chat with, and I would have nobody to support me, along with nobody for me to support. Everyone needs friends, so go out and make a

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