Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven And The Black Cat

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Edgar Allan Poe
Try to imagine how you would feel if you lost every family member you truly loved died. Edgar Allan Poe went through this during his life. Poe lived an interesting life, and it affected the way he thought and wrote his short stories. Poe never really had people to look up too. Many of the people that cared for him ended up passing away. Edgar was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. During his childhood he had some tragic times. His mother, Elizabeth Poe, died when he was only the age of two. Poe washed up into his wealthy grandparents who adopted him. At this time, he was going to a good school and living a healthy life with decent grades. Edgar went to the University of Virginia when he was seventeen. Although his grandparents
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“The Raven” and “The Black Cat” can be known to be very similar if broken down. One similarity people can realize with his stories are the unreliable and unknown narrators. Poe always doesn’t give a great description of the character telling the story. At the end of his stories, the reader can always tell that the unknown character has something to do with Poe’s life. Both “The Raven” and “The Black Cat” are about insanity. The unknown character in “The Raven” says, “I scarce was sure i heard you -here i opened wide the door; -darkness there and nothing more” (23-25). The unknown narrator begins to think he hears his lost wife Lenore. He soon realizes that it is his mind playing tricks with him. It does just this throughout the story. This relates to “The Black Cat.” In “The Black Cat” the unknown narrator starts to see his dead cat, Pluto, everywhere he went. The unknown narrator says, “My attention was suddenly drawn to some black object.” “It was a black cat -a very large one- fully as large as Pluto, and closely resembling him in every respect” (8). His dead cat was haunting him and making him even more crazy. These two stories both combine paranoia and insanity. This shows that Poe’s life was similar. Poe lost many people in his life and drank a lot, and this made him have the same thoughts as the unknown narrators

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