Essay about Edgar Allan Poe 's Writing Poetry

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Throughout Poe’s life he has been motivated and inspired to write poetry. He is known to be one of

the best writers of all time. He was born January 19, 1809 and died in October. Many events led up to

Poe’s success in writing poetry. During the time of Poe it was uncommon to make a living off Poetry

alone. His inspiration of writing was based off his early life, his military career, and his publishing career. One of Poe’s inspirations for writing was his early life. Poe grew up with two siblings, Elizabeth and

David that made a living off acting. Abandoned by his father, Poe was left to take care of his mother,

who later died of tuberculosis. After his mother died, Poe was an orphan. He was later adopted into the

home of John Allan, who was a well know entrepreneur in his time. Tension later developed between

Edgar and john over gambling accusations and education debts. Poe went to university of Virginia, but

he was required to leave over lack of money. Poe argued with his father over debts of education that

Poe wasted when John’s uncle died and left Allan his funds. The Poe’s second inspiration was his publishing career. It was these time when Poe’s publishing

Career began. Poe had numerous collections of Poems, like Tamerlane and other poems in 1827,

Which was credited only to “a Bostonian”. After the death of Poe’s brother, Poe began to focus more on

writing as a honoring of brother. He chose a difficult time in his…

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