Essay about Edgar Allan Poe 's The Father Of The Dark Romantic Period

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We can see a writer’s works as a form of a looking glass into the lives they lived and what they encountered. We can see this in every author’s work throughout history. Their works express the lives that they lived and the hardships or luxuries they encountered. One of the main reasons we read literary works is to gain insight into their lives during a particular period, place, or area in which they lived. One of the most famous literary writers is Edgar Allan Poe, the father of the dark romantic period. Poe’s life is reflected continuously throughout his literary works. This can be seen by the overly depressing life that he lived. By no means did Poe ever live an easy life, his life pretty much was a series of unfortunate events. From being an orphan at the age of three, to losing loved ones one after another, and losing his career and ultimately his life to alcoholism. Throughout Edgar Allan Poe’s poems and short stories, we can see how he drew parallels with his life; with how he faced the continuous death of loved ones, his misfortunes with romantic loves, and the conflicts he had with his adopted father, John Allan. First, Poe encountered the death of loved ones throughout his entire life. At the age of three, Poe had already lost his father to alcohol and his mother to pneumonia (Cornelius 8). He was, then, placed under the care of an orphanage where he was adopted. This would be only the beginnings of Poe’s loses. Since Poe lost his own mother, he would always seek…

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