Edgar Allan Poe 's Pain, Hardships And Unfortunate Circumstances Of His Life

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Everyone at some point of time in their lives go through more downfalls then ups but it’s what you choose to do with it all that makes you who you are at the end power of poems. Edgar Allan Poe used the Pain, Hardships and unfortunate circumstances of his life to construct his poetry. January 19, 1809, Edgar Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Elizabeth Arnold Poe and David Poe Jr. both professional actors. By 1811, Edgar’s father abandoned the family leaving his former wife Elizabeth with two year old Edgar, his eldest brother Henry and his infant sister Rosalie. But things were about to take a tragic turn, on December 8, 1811, Edgars mother passed away from tuberculosis while Edgar was at the tender age of two, soon after his father David passed away from tuberculosis as well. The three Poe children were then separated, Henry went to live with his biological grandparents, and Rosalie was adopted by the Mackenzie family. Edgar on the other hand, was adopted by John and Frances Allan, a well rewound Richmond couple unable to have children of their own. Edgar Poe added his foster name to his own, becoming the well-known Edgar Allan Poet. John Allan, a prosperous tobacco exporter sent Poe to the most prestigious boarding school then later to the University of Virginia. After a year at the institution, Poe was forced to leave the university due to Allan’s refusal to pay Poe’s gambling debts. Years passed and Poe returned to Richmond for a brief time, but the…

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