Edgar Allan Poe 's Life Essay

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Whether they focus on fiction or nonfiction, all authors can easily be identified by something that makes their writing stand apart from others and that something can almost always be drawn back to their life experiences. Edgar Allan Poe, one of these such authors, had much death and loss in his life that influenced the way he thought, things he wrote about, and how he wrote. Easily noticed in all of Poe’s works, his imagination is gargantuan and hyperactive. Seen throughout all of his pieces, this extremely active imagination leads to the especially dark and eerie tales that he is renowned for. Instead of just writing his stories down into one huge heap, every story is written down using complicated calculations. Edgar Allan Poe’s grief stricken life was the main influence for the extreme imagination, fantastic stories, and calculated formats found in his work. The life of Edgar Allan Poe influenced everything about his works. His life ended up being one disappointment followed by another. These tragedies started soon after Poe was introduced into the world, such as when his father abandoned the family within months of his birth (Allen 410). Another loss happened just two short years later when Poe was orphaned after his mother finally died of her illness (Allen 410). Luckily, Poe was then adopted by a wealthy family in Virginia; however, he later ended up developing a drinking problem and gambling debts that led John Allan, his adopted father, to take him out of…

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