Edgar Allan Poe- the Similarities Between Life and Poetry Essay

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Poetry is the manner one would express very complex feelings or emotions. Many poets who connect with their audiences are able to describe, in writing, the emotion of a certain situation. These poems become autobiographical in the sense that the poem is drawn from the poets own situation and observations. Often, in classical poetry, a poet is able to capture the emotion of the situation so that the reader can make a connection. One of the greatest exponents of this was Edgar Allan Poe. He was able to captivate an audience and almost hypnotise them with his use of language and rhythm. However, his tragic life affected the themes behind his poems, which have been described as early gothic literature. His ‘weapon of choice,’ was the theme of …show more content…
Poe struggled to hold down a job but continued to survive off of publishing numerous essays, poems and short stories.
In 1835, Poe married his then 13 year old cousin Virginia. The two moved around America for several years as Poe struggled to find work until in 1842, Virginia was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Poe’s worked underwent a great change at this stage as he continued to be fascinated with the finality of death and the feelings of being left behind. He published his most famous work, ‘The Raven’, in 1845 and became instantly famous. However, the slow death of his wife consumed most of his time. Poe loved his wife deeply and in an article he published during her illness, he said:
“My darling wife you are my greatest and only stimulus now to battle with this uncongenial, unsatisfactory and ungrateful life."
Virginia Clemm-Poe died of tuberculosis in 1847. She was said to be Poe’s greatest inspiration. Her death drove Poe into a deep depression. He attempted suicide in 1848, on the first anniversary of his wife’s death. Poe published very little between this period and his mysterious death in 1849; however, his famous ballad, Annabel Lee (published after his death), corresponds directly with comments made about him by his friend, Charles Burr; therefore proving that his wife was the sole inspiration behind his later works.
Poe’s most famous and critically acclaimed poem, The Raven, documents the

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