Summary Of The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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“Edgar Allan Poe” The name Edgar Allan Poe brings to mind the images of murderers and madmen. Also, it brings to mind premature burials and mysterious women who have returned from the dead. What most people do not know, however, is that he is widely known as the inventor of the modern detective story and is known as the innovator of the science fiction genre. While all of this is true, Poe ended up making a living as America’s first great literary critic and theoretician. However, some of the things we have heard about Poe are not true. Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. His parents were David Poe and Elizabeth Arnold Poe. Poe’s father left the family not too long after Poe was born. His mother died of tuberculosis …show more content…
The narrator is the butler and he has something huge on his chest. He wants to kill the old man! He has no idea why he feels this way toward the man because he has done no wrong or gave an insult or anything like that. However, he thinks it could possibly be because of the old man’s eye. Once the idea of killing him came to mind that is all he thought about for day and night. He would go into the old man’s room every night after twelve o’clock and would be cautious enough to not wake the sleeping man. He would then shine the light of the lantern just enough so that he could see that vulture eye of his. However, every night the old man’s eye would be closed and he would not get to see the vulture eye, therefore he was not able to do any work. On the eighth night he was even more cautious than he had been before until his finger slipped while trying to open the lantern. The old man then sat up and cried out “Who is …show more content…
Suddenly the old man let out a groan of terror. His fear was growing throughout the time he was sitting there with every creak and any other noise that came about. Soon the young man slowly opened the lantern just enough for a little light to be shown. The light landed upon the vulture eye of the old man. The old man’s heart started beating louder and faster by the minute. Suddenly the young man shined the light all the way and then charged at the old man and killed him. He then examined the corpse. After that he cut off the head, arms, and legs of the old man. He buried them under the floorboard. When the police came to search the house the man laughed because he knew they would never find the old man’s body. However, soon it was too much to bear and he admitted to killing him. Poe also wrote “The Raven.” It starts off as Poe hearing a tapping sound over the door. He tells himself that it is only a visitor and he can not release the sorrow of the death of Lenore. He then goes to the door and asks him for forgiveness because he had been napping. When he goes to the door; however, there is nothing there except his own echo. When he returns to his room he hears the tapping sound again. This time he opens the window and a raven flies in. The narrator asks the raven for its names but he replies only with, “Nevermore.” The narrator does not understand this reply and comes to the conclusion that the raven will leave him tomorrow like

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