Edgar Allan Poe: The Characteristics Of The Romantic Era

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The Romantic Era was a time period in which the following characteristics were praised: creativity over reason, emotions over logic, nature over society, and intuition over science. Romantic writers focused on writing in such a way the story had a direct effect on the reader’s emotions. They put more emphasis on the character’s personality. One writer that excelled at this was Edgar Allan Poe. Poe was a writer known for the effects his works had on a reader. Also, his writings were well diversed. He was the first American writer to try and make a living off writing alone. Although his particular mysterious writing style was not popular at first, Poe had a great impact on the history of Romantic ideas. He also was one of the first authors to …show more content…
He had a major contribution to the literary field because of his works. The ideas of the Romantic Era align with Poe’s works. The way he ended his stories, in an unforeseen manner, was a result of the Romantic tradition. Poe revolved his works around events and situations that people would not face everyday, which was also a tradition of a Romantic writer. He had a way of pulling his readers from reality and into a fantasy world. He did this to free them from their own emotions so they could feel the emotions his works played out. Also, Poe’s poems are still a prevailing inspiration in the poetry world today. Entertainers and philosophers today are still enthused by Poe’s description and visual rudiments that he incorporated in his novels, short stories, and poems. Not only was Poe an amazing writer, he was also a great critic. He may have been put down in his time, but today he is praised by the views he did of other authors’ works. The most inspiring thing about Poe is anyone today could read his story, without knowing who they were reading about, and think they are reading about a college or maybe even a high school dropout. Poe always had the dream of becoming a famous writer with much fortune. Although he may have never reached that goal fully in his time, Poe never let his circumstances discourage him. He pushed through his seemingly unbearable circumstances, and now Edgar Allan Poe is now one of the most famous writers in

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