Edgar Allan Poe Analysis Essay

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“Edgar Allan Poe” Peer-Reviewed Journal
Matthew Ramlagan

Edger Allan Poe’s life might be considered a depressing story of catastrophes that followed him until he flocked into hostility with most of the world. It impoverished him of the love he desired intensely. It crippled his innovated, gifted talents and it casted him alone as an incompetent waste till oblivion. With many more bleak and gloomy stages that developed in Poe’s existence, I inquest into the early phases of his life to find the causes in many of his psychological problems in his society.
Edgar Allan Poe’s Analysis
I will provide Edgar Allan Poe’s analysis of the physical, cognitive, and social aspects of his childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.
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The feelings and thoughts of his heroes come from his inner soul. Poe represents his characters in his stories with complex mind issues such as, guilt, revenge, and superstitions. To get a big understanding behind his miraculous poems and stories is his background. Poe is best known for being mysterious and gruesome. His whole life was stuck in a violence, sorrowful, and grotesque type of environment. Poe lived his life broke and full of hard work. Through his short stories, the psychoanalytic disorders the characters had that illustrated Poe’s struggles. Some of it exemplified hate, guilt, innocence, and insanity. This shows what Poe felt through his childhood of how he lived as an orphan. Poe endured from depression, bipolar disorders, alcoholism, and drug abuse, which possibly led to his death. The matter of depression played a big role in most of his poems. This is generated by innumerable environmental factors that were related to his family, which included diseases, death, and financial issues. When characterizing Poe to the Five-Factor Model of personality, we can conclude that he would be on Neuroticism. Poe would also be low in Agreeableness and Conscientiousness since he was argumentative, untrusting, and loss of self-control. Him being an alcoholic and his lack to go after his education is a perfect example. Even though Poe died mysteriously, it sounds like something straight out of Poe’s own writing, but it could be accurate. With no valid indication of what killed him, Poe’s death remains one of literature’s most fascinating

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